Episode 20

There is a difference between scaling and running a successful business as it scales. Tom Glanfield, CEO of LHi, shares his insights on how you continue running a successful business as you scale.

Episode 19

Darren Ryemill, Founder of Opus Talent Solutions a multiple award-winning talent attraction and recruitment firm talks people and business.

Episode 18

And we’re back on the tech train. With so much innovation in the marketplace, how do you know what matters and how to leverage the right technology? Aaron shares a wealth of knowledge around this particular subject.

Episode 17

This episode is more special and valuable than ever. Jerry Land (who recently passed away, and will not be forgotten) shares his solid, honest, sensible thoughts on the real world of recruitment. This is a must see episode!

Episode 16

20 brilliant minds can’t go long without having a good laugh here and there.

Episode 15

Business is business, but now one knows you until they know you. Step in marketing. Janice opens up and provides candid insights into the importance of marketing and the value it brings to talent attraction.

Episode 14

Matt Sauri runs a $250M seattle based firm, what’s the number one question people ask him? What’s his secret to success? Matt provides insights into his success and the value he places on, emotional intelligence.

Episode 13

Technology is at the core of every business and talent attraction is no different. Kevin drills into what’s new in tech.

Episode 12

Bert Miller not only built two talent attraction firms from the ground up, Protis Global and ace Talent Curators he recently acquired a world renowned firm, MRINetwork. See what his takes are on the business and the future of talent attraction.

Episode 11

It’s not always about generations, sometimes it’s about location. UK Agency shares her perspective as it relates to talent attraction.