Episode 5

Ever heard the saying, dance puppet dance! Well, people will do a lot of things when there is a million-dollar deal on the line. Let’s just say that the Prank Guys take full advantage and the results are priceless.

Episode 4

Wait, what just happened? This is the episode where you’ll bounce back and forth from did that just happen to that was hysterical!

Episode 3

A strong female entrepreneur goes toe to toe with a Prank Guy. The outcome? Well let’s just say we dare you not to burst out laughing on this one. What a match!

Episode 2

Investors are tough and focused individuals. Their entire success is based on their ability to gauge what is worth their time and financial support and what is not. Well, the Prank Guys definitely are giving this investor a run for his money and you can’t help but laugh along the way.

Episode 1

The prank guys take on the suits as they pretend to be major players in brands like Red Bull, Twitter, Skype, and others. How far can they keep the gig up? How far will these business owners go to play ball?