Episode 5

It’s time to make cuts. Did Rob keep his status as the one to beat? What team will rise? Who will fall?

Episode 4

A clear leader emerges. Rob Sheffield, Team Boss rises to the top. His acumen and skillset shines and builds influence across the team and the panel. Does he have competition? Will someone challenge his lead?

Episode 3

The panel meets with the teams and they give their insight into what they are searching for. What becomes clear is that the team is looking for something different from what is showcased on their panel. This is not business as usual.

Episode 2

The stakes are high and the competition is fierce, Judge Nicolas Duvernois is looking for a global star.

Episode 1

The journey for season two takes place in Eastnor Castle, England. A lush landscape filled with a palpable energy that is both historical and innovative. There is a buzz is in the air and so the game begins.