Episode 5

The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most demanding and powerful industries in the world. They are responsible for life-changing products and competing at the highest levels. How do they retain the best talent?

Episode 4

We’ve hit a groove, a flow, and with any good flow high energy comes along and laughter is not far behind it. Humor is front and center with the executives.

Episode 3

Phil Hendrickson carries with him a wealth of knowledge and a keen wisdom around building talent attraction teams, leading teams in organizations like Starbucks, Apple and Sapoent… just to name a few.. Phil brings to the table poignant questions that are thoughtful and create direct impact on the flow of the conversation.

Episode 2

Let’s talk about execution. Let’s talk about how professionals from different camps approach it. Two schools of thought clearly form… agency execs versus internal talent acquisition people. To succeed though they must work together. See the conversation unfold.

Episode 1

The executives arrive and the conversation starts. Some healthy debate and banter get the ball and energy rolling in just the right way.