Episode 5 | A New World

The end of four days, the end of competing and it’s time to vote. What do the judges have to say? Who will they support? The Social Movement begins.

Episode 4 | The Killer

There’s a prolific and unapologetic killer in the world. It wreaks havoc and shows no sign of slowing down or being stopped. Can this team of hard pressing CEOs be the key to achieving the impossible? Will they be able to get through the obstacles, learn to collaborate together and stop a killer?

Episode 3 | The President & The First Lady

They say that the future will belong to the children, that they will be the ones to bring change, but what happens when so many children live in poverty, unable to gain an education, unable to read? Former President and First Lady of Mexico take on this challenge. Bringing together a group of global entrepreneurs to engineer a business that will bring literacy front and center, giving every child an opportunity.

Episode 2 | Little Geniuses

Profound impact never comes without some unexpected surprises. In this episode, a group of teens make an unexpected entrance, but they aren’t just any teens, they are part of TKS (The Knowledge Society). Genius minds with partnerships like Google and Microsoft. These young humans bring with them an undeniable energy that inspires greatness not only in each other but in every person they interact with. They take on a challenge with extraordinary ripple effects… providing energy to third world countries.

Episode 1 | The Hurricane

Four teams land in Montreal, Canada comprised of brilliant minds, incredible generosity and the courage to push themselves to achieve the unimaginable. And the adventure begins… the challenge is announced: four days to stop a Hurricane. Intense moments, profound interactions, and a world-changing journey begins.