Episode 10

Brenda Rigney knows people operations and HR. She engineered Earls Kitchen to worldwide expansion. Then moved into Nurse Next Door. She shares her invaluable insights on strategy.

Episode 9

SAP executive, Danielle Marchant North, has a way of walking in the room instantly and making everyone feel good. She’s smart, passionate, and is someone on the rise in the industry.

Episode 8

Creator & Executive Producer, Chris LaVoie explains that the environments he scouts for his cinematic experiences must feel a certain way. When we as, what is THAT feeling, he smiles and replies, that’s a red knight trade secret. We can’t blame him for protecting the magic.

Episode 7

Jaclyn Bronksy who has lead Spotify, Homeaway and many other world-class brands, explains what’s working and not in talent attraction.

Episode 6

Joanna (Jo) Riley, CEO and Co-founder of Censia a Talent Attraction company focused on the future built around data, intelligence and predictive analytics dives into what it takes to compete in the human capital space. She’s brilliant and her insight invaluable.

Episode 5

Talent attraction and scaling a business are intrinsically attached to one another, they work in tandem and to be successful you need to have a strategy that feeds both. In this episode, the leaders focus on the growth and scaling component of talent attraction.

Episode 4

The energy is flowing and everyone is sharing insights, humor abounds on this episode as the CEOs and leaders get comfortable.

Episode 3

Enter the agencies and the CEOs who run them. A different perspective comes to the group as leaders in the recruitment agency space talk about their years of experience winning top talent and partnering with a multitude of organizations.

Episode 2

Three executives from global brands that span well over 100k employees each share their insights and learnings from building organizations the likes of SAP, Starbucks and Major League Soccer.

Episode 1

Twenty of the most impressive minds in Talent Attraction sit down and discuss talent attraction. What’s happening today, what needs to happen and how to compete.