Episode 10

Well if the champagne didn’t help matters, maybe this time we will try the whiskey. Will Thompson ranked as a Top 50 Recruiter Globally joins the contestants. Cheers!

Episode 9

The shock leave ripple effects throughout the house, and colors show. How will the contestants react to a twist they didn’t see coming? Who will rise to the occasion and who will flounder?

Episode 8

In a city known for it’s hedonistic nature, bubbles are never too far away. The champagne flows and a shock hits the house.

Episode 7

Pola LoBello brings the fire and ice for this season. Watch out Miami. Will she take the title?

Episode 6

The judges reveal their votes.

Episode 5

A whole new cast, but there’s always that one veteran who can’t stay away, and let’s be honest, we don’t want her to. Batsheva is back!

Episode 4

Nicole Mistress joins the contestants, and the heat follows.

Episode 3

A VIP Miami Beach Gala, a secret challenge with 50 judges that no one is aware is happening. Who will impress?

Episode 2

Why start slow when you can pack a punch from the start. Enter Darren a Stanford Business Alumni who shakes everyone up from the start. What’s he bringing to the competition that has everyone riled up?

Episode 1

We welcome a whole new cast for season three. A group of clever and incredibly focused individuals, are they ready? Or is the question more: are we say are we ready?