Episode 10

Batsheva Chase Madick knows people like no other. She knows how to close business. She knows how to attract the best talent (especially sales talent) to any company in the nation. For a lighter version of Batsheva, watch her in Top Recruiter: Miami, Season 1 (link to page title), Season 2 (link to page title), and Season 3 (link to page title). It’s great fun!

Episode 9

Torin Ellis talks talent, diversity & inclusion. Committed.

Episode 8

CEO panel ask a few challenging questions to a few talent management & HR leaders. Educational insights. Tune in!

Episode 7

Sharon Hulce (CEO) and Jer Langhans (Sourcing Maverick) sit down in Miami to talk shop. However, EP, Chris LaVoie gave them too much champagne so they kept laughing on set. Ahhh, the life on set. BTW, you should tune into the new series, Set Life.

Episode 6

Philip Hendrickson (The Home Depot, WorldPay) is a strategist in the world of talent acquisition and management. Witness greatness.

Episode 5

New York Partner, Chris Wessell loves the business of talent. His mindset is agile, creative and knows how to execute at a very high level. Witness one of the greats.

Episode 4

What happens when you bring together a SAP talent executive and a national treasure in recruitment. Beautiful music. Watch Chad MacRae from Social Recruiting and Danielle Marchant North talk shop.

Episode 3

CEO, Blake Moser knows talent, business and healthcare. He has scaled many of the top healthcare systems in the US. A must watch!

Episode 2

Jaclyn Bronsky (Talent leadership (Spotify, Homeaway) gives insights on what to do when talent does this. Watch more of Jaclyn in the new series titled, Talent Attraction, The Masters.

Episode 1

Jennifer Hasche, Talent leadership at Uber sits with CEO, Jo Riley and they share their love for talent, tech and something hilarious. Tune in to find out. Worth the watch!